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Listed below are Items and motions that I have voted on and put forward

Dovercourt Leisure Centre

While on the Planning Committee I moved the following:
It was moved by Councillor Howard, seconded by Councillor McLeod and: RESOLVED that the Head of Planning be authorised to grant planning permission for the development, subject to the receipt of revised drawings to show a total of 5 (five) disabled persons parking spaces

Great Oakley Airfield

I declared a non-pecuniary interest as Ward Member and because he had been elected as a District Councillor on the basis of his opposition to the proposal.
I Spoke against both airfield applications. The planning committee voted to approve the both applications

After the approval of both application, I was able to meet with the planning officers to discuss and put forward the following planning conditions:

Local Plan Committee

I put forward the following motion to Full Council on the 25th November 2014:
This council increases the size of the Local Plan Committee from 13 Members to 15 Members at the earliest practical opportunity and that, in accordance with the rules of political proportionality, the composition of the Committee be 8 Conservative Group members, 1 Holland-on-Sea Resident Group member, 1 Independent Group member, 2 Labour Group members, 1 Liberal Democrat Group member, 1 Tendring First Group member and 1 UKIP Group member.

On a vote being taken by a show of hands, Councillor Howard’s motion was thereupon declared CARRIED.

Filming at Council meetings

I put forward the following motion on the 10th September 2013:
"Tendring District Council believes in the freedom and right for residents and the press to attend our public Council and Committee meetings. We believe that residents and the press should have the right to record the proceedings of any such meeting except where the law requires the public to be excluded from that meeting, and that they should be entitled to use whichever form of media they wish as long as such media does not disturb the meeting itself. This would include the use of audio and visual recording with flash turned off and devices switched to silent. Proceedings, is limited to those participating in the public meeting, such as councillors and officers and does not extend to the public audience. This Council therefore resolves to amend any existing restrictions at the earliest practical opportunity and that the rights of residents and the press to record such public council meetings should be enshrined in our constitution at the earliest opportunity thereafter. No broadcasting and relaying of proceedings will take place when members agree to exclude the press and public under Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972." Councillor Howard formally moved the motion which was duly seconded by Councillor Broderick. Councillor Howard then explained the motion.

This became the substantive motion and on being put to the vote was declared CARRIED.

Voted For

Voted Against

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